The Story

I launched Nan Edwards Collection Jewelry (NEC) in 2008 with a dream to make jewelry that evoked elements of the past – I was influenced by my grandparents’ love of art making, photography, and antiques.  My first designs were repurposed vintage jewelry, but I yearned to try something new.  That eureka moment happened during a metalsmithing class as I was introduced to photo-etching. This new technique allowed me to take my passion for all things vintage with my photography to create wearable art.               


The Name

I’m Nan Stombaugh, the owner and designer.  Edwards was the maiden name of my beloved grandma, Ester Adele Edwards Stombaugh.


The Process 

My jewelry is created through metalsmithing, soft soldering, and photo-etching techniques. My own photos are transformed through digital software into grayscale images, etched into brass or copper, and hand finished.


                                                                            Dogwood Days Earrings